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Unused & second hand Diesel generators are a huge burden for anyone. We can provide you an excellent deal for it. Not only provide you a good price for it but also swift service to get the job done. So please contact us for any more quarries we are more than happy to help you.


Unused second hand computers are huge burden for service centers and big companies. Our company can help you out buying bulk of them with a reasonable price. It not only lessens your burden of theses unused computers but also provide you a good price.

Second hand machines, transformers are being purchased by our company. These heavy, big machines are useful when they are working but after certain time these became a burden for us. Our company will give you a fair price for those, please contact us.

We use telephones, mobiles, printer and fax machines for our daily uses. But when it become obsolete we threw it away, it is becoming a global hazed known as environment pollution. Her e in our company we buy these products in a reasonable price. So please contact us if you are inserts in selling theses second hand products .


Cables and wires are very essential component for electrical and telecommunication sector. We can provide you a fair price for second hand cables and wires. Please contact use for further details.

Second hand furniture’s are a great deal of headache for many companies. When companies move out from a place they often prefer to sell them, in our company we can provide a good price for those second hand furniture’s. Please contact us for more details.

Second hand batteries are being brought by us for reasonable price. There are many companies who threw away these batteries which became a great hazed. Contact us for more details about this.

Second hand chairs are one of those products which we accrue with reasonable price. You are free to contact us if you want to sell them.